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A Day on the Water: Llyn Brenig 22/09/2017

Hello and welcome to what I hope will be the begining of an entertaining, informative and sometimes humorous blog series that will follow me around on my fishing ventures. I aim to deliver not only a running log of my catches but also offer advice, reviews and tips and tricks that will hopefully be of use. 

It was an ever familiar cold, windy and wet morning as we pulled into the car park at the visitor's center to get my day ticket and have a quick chat with the guys in the shop. With strong gales blowing from the South, we headed over to the far bank in hope of finding a little more shelter and easier casting. 

Once a suitable swim was found, I opted for my Scierra SRX V2 rod and matched it with a heavy switch style line to try and conquer the wind. Although rated to a #7 the rod performed beautifully punching the #8/9 switch line through the wind with ease - a set up I have found effortless especially at larger venues or where the wind makes fishing impossible with more traditional tackle. At the business end I initially opted for a booby style fly on the point and a single nymph on the dropper to try and avoid tangles. Sure enough after a few casts the line went tight and a flash of silver erupted from the water before taking a few yard of line off me before tail walking once more and giving a full account of itself before coming to the net.

My favoured set up when fishing heavy involves the use of a poly leader (to suit intended fishing style), combined with a series of rig rings and tippets to ensure I get consistent, tangle free turn over in the wind, something which I know can often be a problem for many. I personally like to use a good quality 15 or 20lb fluorocarbon such as Berkley Big Game to make up the main body of my cast when fishing this way as I find it is stiffer in the wind and less visible in the water than monofilament. And then use a lighter 4-8lb quality mono or fluorocarbon for my tippets and droppers. The beauty of this system is obviously that everything is adjustable to suit your fishing style and conditions. For example, if the leader wont turn over, you can shorten any section you wish or even remove a dropper without the risk of cutting into the main body of the cast. I will get a proper tutorial put up about this soon!

Weather was up and down throughout the day but I did get a glimpse of sun shine, which is always welcome! 
Luckily the sport was a lot more predictable resulting in a total catch of 8 fish with 2 returned and a final bag weigh of just over 11lb. A lot of smaller fish around the 1.75lb - 2lb mark this time and appeared to be fresh stockies which mostly fell to bright lure patterns however a couple were also persuaded by the nymph. 

Tight Lines,


In the Spotlight: Shimano Sienna FE Reel 

Every now and then a product comes through the door that stands out a little bit more than most. The new Sienna range of reels from Shimano are just that. Coming in at under £30 these reels are shockingly good value for money in our eyes and have been one of our best selling reels this Summer. Available in 3 sizes (1000, 2500 & 4000) theres something to suit everyone whether you want it for drop shot and light spinning work, float or feeder fishing or even plugging for bass. The products exude typical Shimano quality and have the reliability, smoothness and status that everyone has come to expect. 
The Sienna range features: 
  • 1 Shielded Stainless Steel & 1 roller bearing
  • Varispeed II Line Lay
  • XGT-7 Composite Body
  • Diecast Aluminium Spool
  • 5.0:1 Retrieve Ratios on the 1000 & 2500 sizes and 5.2:1 on the 4000 reel
Prices start at £28.49, Buy Here.